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Base information
Developer Anima Sp. z o.o.; based in Białystok, Poland
About Anima

Have you ever asked your roommate or family member to remind you of anything... and unfortunately you both forgot about it?

Anima has a solution for this situation! A functional device with an application that will help you to organize your time based on your location. It is ideal for spaces such as your home or office. Share your tasks with your family, roommates and employees.

Anima is a little smart device which can become a real hero of your home or office. The electronic fox, which you previously set in the most convenient place in your home, activates reminders on your smartphone when you get in range. Anima uses Bluetooth wireless connection with the user's smartphone, the maximum range of the device reaches 25 meters. However, the system is fully customizable and you can adjust the distance to your preferences. In contrast to solutions such as reminders and calendars, we get the necessary information in a right place and time.

In the future, Anima will become something more than just a location based reminder system. According to our plan, Anima will become a real helper in everyday life. Thanks to the planned integrations, this clever fox will be able to:

  • Put on or off the light in your home using app
  • Inform you when your child returns home
  • Cooperate with other devices in your home, like Alexa and other Devices in your smart home!
Who we are?

Behind the Anima project are Mateusz Bajko, Michał Jaszczuk and Mateusz Markiewicz. We crossed our paths on IT studies at the Białystok University of Technology, and during our job in an IT company, where we acquired the necessary technical knowledge to create the first prototype of Anima.

Together, we are an interdisciplinary team that complements each other's competencies. In addition to programming, we are also passionate about art, photography, electronics and volunteering. Our diversity and the willingness to learn about the world and people's problems combined with a technological education allowed us to create Anima - a solution that is more than just a location-based notification system. Anima becomes a domestic helper, a friend of the whole family, who with his watchful eye makes sure that you do not forget about important matters every day.

Along with the development of the project, more people joined the group, enriching the team with business and legal competences. Thanks to the contribution of Maciej Kopczyński, co-founder of such startups as Photon or Riftcat and Adam Laskowski, a lawyer with many years of experience. Anima is not only a functional and intuitive system but also a project reliable from the formal and production side.

Awards and recommendations

The project has been appreciated at many prestigious competitions and conferences, gaining very favourable opinions from business jurors as well as the audience enchanted by the simplicity of the solution. For example:

  • Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 - the biggest technology competition in the world, II place in Poland in 2017
  • Billenium - special prize “Keep the ballance”
  • ABB IT Challenge 2017 - competition organized by one of the biggest producers of innovative technology solutions, II place in Poland 2017
  • Winner of Technotalnet of Białystok University of Technology and Technotalnet of Business 2017
  • Nomination for the title of Best Brand of Podlaskie District in 2017
  • Eastern Economic Congress Top 10 Startup of Western Poland Award 2017

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