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About Anima

Anima is a small electronic device that you can put in every place in your home. It uses Bluetooth to recognise you by your mobile phone and estimate distance to you. And all of that makes Anima able to deliver you notifications exactly in a moment when you need it

Why we are best
for you

Anima is designed to improve your life. It is easy to use and offer you simple features personalized for your needs. Just look how!

Just in time!

Have you ever forgot to do something you wanted to do right after you get back home?

Anima will remind you right when you get through the door.

In good hands

Share Anima with more people!

Now you can write reminder for your family or friend. They will be notified exactly in place you wanted to.

Wherever you want

Add notification wherever you are. The only thing you need is your mobile phone.

Best smart home gadget
comming soon

Right now we are working on development and prepare crowdfunding campain. Stay tuned!



We created simple and clever device. All you need is get your own Anima, install the application and enjoy.


You can leave messages for your wife, kids, firends or other flatmates.

Clear mind/

You can leave message for yourself and stop keeping it in your mind.


Perfect balance between design and usability. Good to see and easy to use.


You can connect to any device you want. Just scan QR code.


As you as other users can leave messages remotely. You don't need to be home to leave message for flatmate.


Our application is developed to increase usability of our functionalities and focus on new needs.

175 +


150 +


5 +



Anima always looks beautifull. Find place for Anima in your home!


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